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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of the Family Spread of Christianity Male Researchers Female Researchers  Make no mention of it according to  Recognize the patriarchy Conway but the women do  Spread of Christianity middle ages  at  They noted that we had to take care of the this point patriarchy strengthened working class  men, owmen and kids  Wr say that the spread of monotheistic  Needed fair wage religions all leant to this  Needed to look out for the next  Christianiy  anti-women generation  Women were defined as pple who loored men for more profitable work  Women were seen as vicious, and unclean, tricky at best  Martin luther believed that women deceived men through their cunningness  Diminishment of women empowers men  In the English dictionary 220 derogotory words for women vs 20 derogotory works for men  Some researchers refer to these as ignorant teachings  are women really that much worse  Exceptions to the rule  there were women durng the middle ages in europre who had a lot of power Women who were prioresses and abbesses  They were incharge of convents, places where only women lived  They built a palce where they could
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