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Social Sciences
Geraldine Voros

Origins of the Family Traditional Orthodox Family vs. Victorian Era Male Researchers Female Researchers  Ideal traditional orthodox model of the  Victorian era family  Looked at one cohorde of women who  Men try to entrench the social reflected the ortho trad model of marriage construction of reality in the ideal sense  They would like to have that benefit in  The rest were largely women just toiling them  It was very middle and upper class  What we find in the actual writing of the  Women focused on the trad ortho model trad/ortho which was done primarily by but ti was very upper and middle class the male researchers :  The working class had an entirely diff  Men are economic providers experience  for them the Victorian era is  Men are instrumental persons  theirexperience instrumental labours do the physically  Victorian era  The mother was the lady work (work with hand) of the house  kept as a prisoner of her  Men are active participants in the external sex, expcted to be gentile, chaist, , lady world  public sector like accomplishments  embroidery and  Men are responsible for the socio- needle work, fend off her idolness of being economic status of the family in society  the lady of the house and doing nothing, that why u are asked for ur dad does and directed the gardener and cook, maids not for mom for living  Ex dundurn castle in Hamilton, of Victorian  Women are confined to home  that’s era would be pride and prejudice  where they want them  Mother gains importance as she is left  Women are domestic caretakers  do the behind in the grand house looking after the kids who are allowed to be kids and unpaid work  Women are expressive individuals  kiss play and learn and be mischevious and the booboos and make them better taugh good manners  Women are in charge of the home front  Role of motherhood adds inferiority  they know hwen to put on the party, when more women work the cooking has to be done, when the  They tended to their kids celebrations are in the fam  Victorian women were literate, could read  Women are influential in terms of the and write and of some stature quality of life  they keep the peace,  Not uncommon for them to sit and read when to network, ex if the grandma isn’t poetry talking to the fam, she mends it  Made the diff in the world, they knew they  If a man gets transferred, the women just had passions and desires but couldn’t do follows much with them except becoming the lady  This notion of motherhood is caring for the of the house fam, and subordinates hers like to the fam,  Some were famous painters but they devoted to the husband signed their painting with a male name  Father goes out to work in the cruel word and got middle man to sell them and come  Comes back to have the meal on the t
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