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Social Work
Sandra Preston

Day 3 January 21/2013 Social Work 1A06 Next tutorial assignment: Interview an Older Person The French Canadian Experience Invisibility and Ignorance - “Bilingualism” o Majority of French speakers live in Quebec o 2.5 million people who speak French are outside Quebec o In Ontario 1.4 million people speak French o In Atlantic Canada, the only officially bilingual province  Bilingualism is mandated at the federal level, but not at the provincial level (only New Brunswick) o More about Quebecois speaking English than Anglophones speaking French - Lack of knowledge - Lack of information – school curriculum, university curriculum, media coverage, culture History – overview: - Continuous conflict between French and English speaking groups both within and outside Quebec - Provincial rights are seen as a way to protect the existence of French speaking minority - Sparking points – o 1837 Rebellion (attempt to make Quebec an independent country) o Confederation (people argued what place Quebec would have in our country) o The Great Depression (as things got more difficult, it became obvious where resources were going in Quebec) o Conscription (Quebec wasn’t in support of either the World Wars) o The Welfare State (biggest issue, because the federal government decided on healthcare, family allowances, Canadian programs. Quebec saw these programs as a threat and a way to assimilate Quebec into Canada, to assimilate people into an English speaking culture / way of life) “Racism” and French Canadians - Control of resources and employment by British, English-speaking minority - Issue of Catholicism and the power of the Catholic church o In French-Canada, most were identified
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