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Opression and Disability Oct 13.docx

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McMaster University
Social Work
Sandra Preston

Opression and Disability Oct 13  Look up ableism  Where disability come from? o Bias in society o How others perceive people o We assume everyone interacts and acts the same way o We have our own assumptions of how everyone should be, looks like, acts like o If someone does not comply with our assumptions  they are disable  But we are not acting and interacting the way they are  Does that mean we are disable?  How does oppression work to give power to some and take away power from others o Presently able  if you are able that is good for this moment o You never know when you might be someone who acquires a challenge  Illness, health issue o If we are lucky enough to grow old we will acquire some challenges  Visible and invisible challenges o Visible challenges are easier to deal with  Some challenges can be helpful at times  People will know how to deal with you o Invisible  People may not know what is wrong and will not be able to help you cope with it  They might have expectations with you will not be able to fulfill  Identity and self-esteem o Disabled  label  Huge assumptions about the way people should be  If people dont ’t fit, they are in the box (disabled)  You don’t belong and its your fault  Breaking your leg doesn’t mean you lose IQ  Voice o
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