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Social Work
Sandra Preston

Social work is interested in social problems that are experienced by individuals, communities and the broader world. We have spent this year looking at the impact of oppression on people’s lives and the connection between oppression and social problems. How have racism, sexism and heterosexism/homophobia contributed to, and/or continues to contribute to, violence and poverty in Canada? (Please note that you can think of violence in a variety of ways, not just physical violence). Just society  Equal opportunities and distribution of resources  Equal worth of every being Oppression  Structural support and influence of power are required for oppression to exist o Helps maintain power in society Racism  Physical differences ie skin colour facial features  Socially constructed  Hallow biological concept  Non physical factors such as behaviours, emotions are guarded by race  Radicalised groups  use whiteness as their standard of judgement to determine how other races deviate from the white norm o White is highest on the hierarchy rest are included and excluded on this basis o Bottom of the hierarchy lack power o Their life opportunities are restricted o Results in poverty and lack in power to influence social institutions o Social inclusion vs. exclusion  White o Can not be racist towards them as they have more power o Othering other people as they are not the norm o White guilt  you feel bad but don’t do anything about it o The calendar and holidays are structured around Christmas o Non-white have to work even harder to overcome barriers o White privilege  unearned priviledge which comes with being white  Not having to acknowledge as a race  Don’t think of white as a race as the same as others  Class vs. race  interwoven o People of colour are more likely to be arrested o Employment, housing and service provision o Doctors often judge the illness by race  inaccurate treatment  Obama o People were surprised o But he was rich and had the resources  Systematic discrimination  word of mouth, discrimination at an institutional level  Ultimately affects education, income, occupation, ownership of means of resources o Affects access to justice, power, freedom at societal level o Identity, voice, opportunities as individual level  Cultural genocide  undermining and eroding the cultural practices and legacis of a specific group of people o Forced to the margins and practices in secret o Ex. Aboriginal practices  Institutional racism vs. individual o Individual  person racial beliefs but these ideas can only take place in context when they are support  Stereotypes and prejudices are in society  Imp to be aware of them so we can alter our perception and way we interact
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