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Sandra Colavecchia

4/3/2013 6:35:00 AM Population and Urbanization:  Applying the 4 paradigms to population and urbanization Structural Functionalism:  Durkheim: urban environments = anomie (collapse of social norms)  Cities were characterized by an absence of social solidarity and group cohesion  Mechanical solidarity: people have a clear sense of the moral code – pre-industrial society  Organic solidarity: not sufficient –industrial society  Felt that there was a strong sense of solidarity and it was shaped by religion, he felt that city life had a lot of pathology associated with it  Pathologies: o Crime o Juvenile delinquencies o Family breakdowns According to Durkheim, social pathologies of city life happened A. with the transition from mechanic to organic solidarity Conflict Theory:  Role of class-relations and divisions between working and capitalist classes Thomas Malthus:  Theory about over-population Malthus believed that? A. Population growth would exceed the food supply Marx:  Capitalists need excess population to keep wages low  They’re fuckin’ greedy, that’s why. Faggots. Feminist Theory:  Gender-based inequalities are the focus  Application: gentrification o What is gentrification?  D. more affluent people moving into economically depressed neighbourhoods  Because the neighbourhood is run down, property values are low  Because of this, you have people with low SES living there  Middle class: buy the biggest house and fix it for a little amount  Community transforms: o More middle class people doing that, then you have a community transforming from an impoverished one to a more middle class community o Low SES individuals might actually be run out of those neighbourhoods Gentrification and Women: Q. Why might wom
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