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Sandra Colavecchia

Socialization - Primary - Secondary - Gender - Resocialization (voluntary/involuntary) - Anticipatory Primary Socialization Childhood: family is most important agent Secondary Socialization - Through adulthood (university, workplace, parenthood) - Transition to adulthood: lengthier and discontinuous Delays in marriage, fertility; high rates of youth unemployment; took longer for young adults to become financially independent; discontinuous life path now; continuous life course: traditional life of school, job, marriage, family. Women are most likely to have a discontinuous life because of fertility; Anticipatory socialization involves taking on the behaviours of social roles you have not yet accomplished. Charles Cooley - Looking glass self - Sense of self concept - Our self-concept is tied to how we think other people look at us/view us; looking at yourself in the mirror; the reaction of other people helps us understand who we are; more importantly, our interpretation of how others will react to us/view us. Q: How might we apply the concept of the looking-glass self to experiences of being overweight or having acne? A: We might apply this concept to being overweight or having acne by worrying about how others will judge their acne as being unattractive as would for being overweight. You would be very self-conscious of others judging you and putting you down. You are concerned with people only focus on your acne or weight issues and others could put you down behind your back thinking they don’t take care of themselves, they are inadequate to others, unattractive, not intelligent, not determined, poor nutrition choices. George Herbert Mead - Informed symbolic interactionism - Taking the role of the other: the ability to understand another person’s perspective - You are not born with this, and you learn this skill to understand another person’s perspective. Q: How might we take the role of the other deciding how to prepare for a job interview? A: Preparing for the interview by looking up the history of the job Involves 3 Stages: 1. Imitative stage: young children (2 and under) Don’t know how to take the role of the other 2. The Play Stage: children are learning to play roles of other people Not understanding one’s position in relation to the larger social group; preschool, park; do not understand their position in society 3. Game Stage: the individual have progressed and understand their position in relational terms; in teams, parties; they are aware of what other people are doing, how to work as a team. Generalized other: over time you learn to understand/appreciate how other people, in general, might respond and react to you; a generic sense of other people and how they may look at you. - By internalizing the values and beliefs of the larger society - Being embarrassed: because of beliefs of society Gender Socialization: how we learn to be male or female, begins at birth, the learning of masculine and feminine behaviour and rules, - Can be explicit or nuanced? - Q: is it ok for men to cry in public? - Q: Were you raised in a household - where caregivers reinforced gender differences? SIQ 16 Welsh and Baker “Sexual Harassment in the Canadian Workplace” - Gender socialization: teach men view women as sexual objects - Teach women to accept and be non-confrontational about sexual harassment  Workplace Culture  Existence of Support Systems Welsh and Baker: b. Argue that workplace culture is significant in understanding sexual harassment Children’s Books Classic study: Weitzman, Eifler, Hokada and Ross (1972)  Females underrepresented and portrayed in a stereotypical way  Feature men, or animals;  Girls had passive roles; role like rolls; and men were active/adventurous  Women: please people, Men: eng
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