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Bridget O' Shaughnessy

01/23/2014 Questions Sociology Cannot Address There are many spiritual questions that Sociology cannot answer, such as: Des God exist? Is there life after death? Sociology can address: Are there ay social factors that are associated with religiosity? Like, age, urban, rural residence, region of country, etc. Table 13.3 how can we measure religiosity how many people in a society would define themselves as religious attend worship services believe in life after death in a society pray every day how has this changed over time? What accounts for these changes? Cross-national comparisons Etc. Perspective on Religion Structural Functionalism Religion is functional in meeting societal needs Need societal need Religion organization can give financial support Create real boundaries, judge what is right or wrong Helpful agency like taking care the children Durkheim: pre-industrial society characterized by mechanical solidarity had shared beliefs --> mechanical solidarity people have shared belief strongly largely determined by religious doctrim?????... religious represents moral order of society industrial society characterized by organic solidarity grow the pup organic solidarity people move away from increasing securism,???? people believing different things facing a moral crisis this crisis of morality is a source from moral regulation, shift the religion to the state. Government does not function very well as to religion. people worship in groups, it is really important. --> religious practice the god is in fact group in fact experiencing itself big life question: we can find answers by religions, people who cannot get from science. Integrate people into units and form solidarity Conflict Theory Religion is a source of false consciousness for the working-class Karl Marx Religion is people create Is problematic, source of false consciousness Hurts working class Re voting Drag of masses Deprived of religious status, which provides stress to working class the ruling class encourage religion slavery white slavery owners like the fact that their slaves were religious, cause religion made them more submissive religions provides certain kinds of support, emotion, education, social networking, opportunities of literacy, these are tools needed by slaves to fight for freedom Symbolic Interactionism Role played by religious symbols, subjective understandings of religion Meanings of religious people attached Interested in understanding in people subjective .... Look at the appearance of leader, the design of religious, norm of how religious interacts with one and another, those micro interaction. Max Weber: Protestantism (Calvinism) allowed capitalism to flourish Writing about role of religion, how it shaped religions The relationship between economics and religion The
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