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Lecture 6

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Sarah Clancy

Fox 1 Lecture 6 SOCIAL 2D06 Wednesday, October 23, 2013  MOVIE: Driving Miss Daisy: Plot: -white older Jewish son, Boolie is looking for a driver for his wealthy mother who got her car towed (husband has passed) -when Boolie hires an african american male, Hoke to do the job, out of the kindness of his heart he tries fixing things around the house (ex. cleaning the lightbulbs, planting flowers), but she does not like approve -she complains that Hoke is eating the food in her kitchen and tells him she doesn’t want him to know anything about her personal family life -she finally lets Hoke drive her to the store and is consistently telling him how to drive, what speed to go, where to turn, and had to give the keys to her and stand by the car while she is inside shopping -however, prior to this, she explains to him that although she is rich, she doesn’t want to be told that, etc (ie. she is not conceited about her higher status) -she seems very embarrassed when Hoke comes to the front of the temple (church) with the car, opening the door for her - she thinks that people were thinking she thought she was rich - when Hoke says that she is rich, she denies this -miss daisy is so nice to her housekeeper, Idella, but not her driver -Boolie’s wife, Florine, seems very snotty towards her housekeeper -miss daisy accuses Hoke of stealing a can of salmon (to Boolie) - when miss daisy tells Hoke to come over so she can yell at him for “stealing” (he doesn’t know this), the first thing he does is tell her that the prior night, instead of having ribs, he had the salmon in a can and had bought her a new one - she does not yell at him -while gardening in a cemetery (probably at her husbands grave), Hoke tells her that he cannot read; miss daisy refuses to believe this and teaches him how to read - he then walks around the grave, trying to pronounce the names on the tombstones -for christmas, miss daisy gives Hoke a writing book to help him practice how to write; she insists that it is not a christmas present, but just her willing to help -when driving miss daisy to a different city for a family birthday, as they stop to eat, two policemen come up to Hoke a
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