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David Young

Mass Media and the Social World September 5, 2013 – September 9, 2013 Social Institutions What are social institutions? • Social institutions: stable, well acknowledged patterns of social relationships • We can identify several different institutions o Marriage o Family o Politics o Economy o Education o Religion o Mass Media • All set up to accomplish various goals that society has deemed to be “important” • In order to carry out these goals, these institutions are often made up by organizations or groups o The institution being the broader frame work, within which organizations or groups exist o Example: The institution of education is made up of a number of organizations or groups  Elementary schools  High schools  Post-secondary schools o Example: The institution of religion is made up of a number of a organizations or groups  Churches  Synagogues  Mosques Some Particular Social Institutions • The Economy o Connected to mass media o Made up of organizations or groups that produce and distribute goods or services in a society o The exact nature of the groups are dependent on the economic arrangement of society o Agricultural society o Industrial Capitalist Society: private companies, transnational corporations • Politics o Made up of organizations or groups that make decisions and force rules or provide serv
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