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Lecture 9

Lecture Nine: Mass Media and Politics

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David Young

Mass Media and Politics: The State of Neo-Liberalism and the Broadcasting in Canada September 30, 2013 – October 10, 2013 Neo-Liberalism • Philosophical and economic doctrine that emerged in the late 1970s th • Based on the ideas of some Liberal philosophers of the 18 century o They argued that the State must play a reduced role in society • Neo-Liberalism calls for a minimalist role for the State • Pushed by many private companies who love the idea of Neo-Liberalism • Various Conservative interests have also pushed the idea of Neo-Liberalism • Doctrine of Neo-Liberalism has been adopted by many government around the world o Conservative Governments started it o Liberal Governments have adopted it Neo-Liberalism and Broadcasting Organizations • Fiscal Austerity: reduced government spending o Spend less money on social/public services o Had tremendous implications for the CBC since the 1980s o 1985 – cuts began, went through up until 1990 the budget was then so affected, but the CBC had no choice but to close down various stations o The CBCs budget was going to be cut by 115 million dollars over three years, loss of over 650 jobs and result in more advertising, more repeats of episodes  Could not afford to make as many programs as they wanted to anymore • Privatization o Neo-Liberalism called for turning Public services over the Private companies o Access Network – the name was given to an educational public television service that was operated in Alberta o Access Network was owned by the government in Alberta  In 1995, the government of Alberta sold Access Network o Chum revamped the service, called it “Access: the Education Station” o After a number of years, Chum was sold t
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