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David Young

Sociology 2S06Introduction to Sociological TheoryStudying Sociological TheoryA Reasons for studying sociological theory1Interpreting Social Conditionsgives us a way of making sense of the social world around useg consider a Transnational Corporation ie Nikewe can understand what it does using Karl Marxs ideas about capitalism2Allows us to Compare Different Perspectiveswhen we compare different theories we get different insightseg for Transnational Corporations we can also use Max Webers ideas about bureaucracyB Understanding to Emergence of Sociological Theorythemerged in the late 19 centurysociology could not have emerged at any earlier timkemany historical and intellectual developments The Enlightenment helped pave the way for sociologyThe Impact of the EnlightenmentA What was the EnlightenmentthIt was a period of intellectual development and change in philosophical thinking during the 17 ththand 18 centuries paved the way for sociology in the 19 centuryB Key Aspects of Enlightenment Thinking1Reasoninvolves the human ability to think about things make it possible to create apply and evaluate knowledge2Rationalitythe use of reason to deliberate about explanations of the nature of reality3Empiricisminvolves the use of evidence to try and to describe and analyze various phenomenaenables us to move beyond abstract rational thoughtcreate explanations theories regarding the nature of reality and test those explanations against evidence observationsbasis for scienceC The Enlightenment and Traditional Authoritytried to move away from nonrational explanations of the worlddiscouraged against the use of religion myth tradition to understand the worldrejected tradition authorityie religious organizationsthe philosophers of the enlightenment were oriented towards social change
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