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Sandra Colavecchia

Sociology 2U06: Family Sociology March 5 2012 Lecture 37: Family Violence Topics: - Ch 9 of Baker – DeKeserdy – Patterns of Violence in the Fam - Ch 31 of Fox – Gartner, Dawson, Crawford – Confronting Violence in Women’s Lives Family Violence in Canada: - Prevalence o Statscan based on police stats taken from 94 police departments across Canada (approx. 56% of all crimes reported to police)  Police stats tend to really underestimate family violence  Probs because it is underreported because o Feel it won’t change anything o Economic dependency o Not wanting to implicate a family member o In the case of elderly – isolation o Police Data  ¼ of victims were victims of family violence  Including spousal, elder abuse etc.  More likely to be victimized by people we know  Among all family violence victims, 62% were victims of violence at the hands of a spouse  Although males are more likely to be victims of violent crimes, females from all age groups are more likely than males to be victims of family violence  Women accounted for approximately 8/10 victims of spousal violence o Women between ages of 25-34 experience the highest rates of spousal violence o What’s happening?  Common assault  Assault with a weapon  Assault causing bodily harm  Aggravated assault  Stalking o Rates of spousal violence were higher when male is unemployed and looking for work o Also higher when alcohol abuse is involved  Between 1978-1998 spouses represented 18% of all victims of solved homicides; three times as many wives as husbands were killed by their spouses o Spousal homicide accounts for a large proportion of homicide in Canada  Spousal homicide risk greatest for: o Young women between 25-34 o Cohabiting relationship as opposed to married relationship  Older adults in 2002 were the least likely of all age groups to be victims of violent crimes reported to police  Elderly were more likely to be victimized by non-family members than family members  Among those older adults who are victimized by a family member, they are most likely to be victimized by an adult child or spouse o Older males are moer likely than females to be victimized by an adult child o Older females are more likely to be victimized by a spouse o Older females are more likely to be victims of family violence  Children and Youth (under 18) represent approximately ¼ of the canadian pop, yet they accounted for 61% of victims of sexual assault a
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