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David Young

Introduction to probility sampling  What is probability sampling? – sampling techniques based on random selection  Why do it? – several reasons o 1. Bias in samples  This exists when some members of the population have a greater chance of being selected into the sample than other members of the population  i.e. standing on a street corner handing out surverys in an affluent part of the city – all the poor people will not have a chance to be selected which will result in sample bias o 2. Representative sample – way to avoid bias  Sample is representative of the population if the characteristics of the sample closely approximate the characteristics of the pop.  i.e. if this is our population, the sample will be a miniature version of the larger population  needs to be a ‘miniature version’ of larger pop.  it is impossible to have the sample be representative of the larger pop in every aspect  but even though it is not necessary for the sample to rep pop in every way, it must rep the key variables we are dealing with  i.e. we are doing a study on the political opinions of male and female students at mcmaster  this makes gender an important variable  i.e. is pop is 60% m and 40% f, the sample must be the same
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