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Lecture 3

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Lecture 3 Karl Marx 18181883 Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts 1844 and The Communist Manifesto 1848Soc 3A03 Classical Social TheoryMay 13 2014AgendaReference The Conditions of the Working Class 1844Critique on capitalismAlienationSurplus value Labour Theory of ValueHow the capitalist profit motive is in conflict with a workers desire for better wages and working conditions The Power of Money in Bourgeoisie SocietyThorstein Veblen 1899 The Theory of the Leisure ClassFetishizing CommoditiesThe Communist ManifestoReference All That is Solid Melts Into Air The Experience of Modernity 1982 Marshall BermanFocus was on inequality power control and conflict Krahn et al 2008Exploitative nature of capitalismAlienation impact of capitalist mode of production on the organization and experience we have with work workers lose their connection to the craft they once had and become alienated from the products of their labouroccurs in 4 ways Alienationthe process of production and the results of our labor confront us as a dominating powerFor Marx just working for moneyand not for the creativity of laboris akin to selling your soulThe production process thus controls the worker it confronts her as an alienating powerAlienated LabourAlienation
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