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Theatre & Film Studies
Peter Cockett

T&F 1T03 week 3(1): Linear Narratives & their consequences  01/22/2014 Aristotle (384-322 BC)  Poetics Tradgedy is the “imitation of an action” Epic tells and imitates What is an “action” Roughly approximate to a story Aristotle says every good action has “a beginning, a middle, and an end” The action of tragedy is that a great person falls to destruction Vladimir Propp (1895-1970)  Russian formalist - Analyzed fairy tales and found repeated patterns  Believed all stories have a hero and an object - Hero is trying to get the object  Crucial part of story are the obstacles; the things that get in the way of the object  Story does not start until obstacles are introduced; instigating problem Hero = protagonist Back to Aristotle Formal elements of the “action” of a play Peripeteia Reversal of fortunes Anagnorisis Recognition/discovery Films and plays often feature several of these Sometimes they occur together, sometimes separately Oedipus Rex Analyzing Action Identify moments of reversal/recognition What is discovered? How is it significant? In “possible world” of play/film In relation to cultural discourses of the creators’society In relation to the cultural discourses in our own society The Lion King: Identify moments of reversal/discovery/recognition Simba goes from royalty to outcast Simba sees his dad in the stars
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