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Theatre & Film Studies
Peter Cockett

T&F 1T03 week 8: Cloud Nine  03/06/2014 Cloud Nine • Early example of devised theatre (1979) • The product of a workshop on gender and colonialism • 2 weeks workshop • 6 weeks writing • 3 weeks rehearsal conventional process of theatre is disrupted in many ways cultural context: colonial England the british empire on which the sun never sets ruled by men who are also white and straight, in principle family structure is the nucleus of social structure cultural context: 1967 sexual revolution play written 12 years after the summer of love (1979) implied question behind question: has the sexual revolution really liberated men & women of england? Core objectives of the play to destabilize expectations about gender identity, sexuality and racialized identity to indicate the ongoing role of colonial ideologies in shaping identity practices Key ideas gender is not the same as biological sex heterosexuality is not the “natural” consequence of biological sex ethnicity is not the same as race, or physical characteristics gender and ethnicity are social constructions Gender, Ethnicity, and Story gender and ethnicity are a kind of performance not the way we are intrinsically but the way we perform in the world we learn to perform manhood, as a female, asAfrican-american, etc. stories are one of the chief ways we learn the “correct” way to perform. Stories construct gender/racial identities Cloud Nine asks: how do the stories we grow up structure the way we see the world? How can you use this idea in your production? Crockett’s Personal Reflection • War films and westerns • Favourite games (aside from football): war and “cowboys and Indians” • In the 2 act, Lin lets Cathy play w/ guns. Victoria thinks children should not play with guns • 1926 storybook for british boys • comic books could be a source of design inspiration for the play 2 different storytelling styles • 2 acts tell their stories in strikingly different ways • first act: o linear narrative driving toward climax o characters ruled by colonial/patriarchal attitudes o read opening sequence (1.1.1-40) storytelling modes: operetta • the first act imitates particular styles of performance • operetta: o gilbert & Sullivan o light-hearted musicals following conventional patterns o complicated plotting melodrama: type characters high emotions Storytelling Modes: Operetta • light, upbeat music • caricature – type characters • gentle parody/irony • in act 1 of Cloud Nine, lyrics undercut the musical style Melodrama • type characters • high emotions & conventional plot scenarios • in act 1, the characters are set up as types and then their falsity/hypocrisy is revealed Reflection for Second Read • consider the way act 1 works as a
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