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Lecture 9

THTRFLM 2S03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Run Lola Run, Good Bye, Lenin!, Dani Levy

Theatre & Film Studies
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Jennifer Askey

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Fox 1 Lecture 9
Thursday November 20, 2014
Alles auf Zukar!
Dani Levy: Director
2004 film
Title means everything depends on Zukar
Run Lola Run and Goodbye, Lenin! reflect the falling of the wall and reunification
Wende: turn or change
Berlin Republic: remains capital during Weimer and the 3rd right/After WW2, East
Germany (Communist) says its capital is Berlin (Ost) but didn’t acknowledge the
existence of 2 separate Germany’s/FRG=Bonn (didn’t inspire love or loyalty like
other side)/Bring capital back to Berlin and won/A lot of representational building
of what they want in the city
Germany wants to return to “normalcy”/Become a normal nation among
nations/Able to reconstruct itself as a democracy untainted by communism and
fascism/Rebuilding Berlin is a normalcy
Problem with German normalcy is of course, the holocaust
German cultural and political life in the 1960s or so until Hitler comes to power,
includes Jewishness (doctors, soldiers, and even presence in German cities are
a part of German civic life until the 3rd rank)
Holocaust not only kills individual Jews, but eradicates those cultural traits of
Germans don’t know anything about Judaism because there weren’t many
After the Wende, German adapted their immigration policies and self-identified
Jews from the soviet union and don’t see a future of themselves as Jews and
want to apply to Germany because they have flexibility for Jews and provide a
safe space for eastern Jews to live their religion in Germany
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