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Lecture 10

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Theatre & Film Studies
Joe Sokalski

Fox 1 Lecture 10 THTR&FILM 3FF3 Monday November 18, 2013 Silent Avant-Garde Filmmaking in France  Ballet Mechanique (1924): Turns her into a ballet performer mechanically so/scene where human face is used as an object/end of the film: fluent and mechanical movement of her hand putting the nose to her nose=film achieves desired effects: reorders the body in such a way it makes it mechanical=changes the way you actually see things  Anemic Cinema (1926): Non narrative cinema/rhythmic and graphic relationship between shots/gives the notion that films tell stories/Overturns expectations as to what cinema should be/drain visual stimulus because its just repetition, and rule it out and it becomes anemic looking=lack vitality and energy then the cinema offered is drained of its vigor/anemic is the anagram for cinema (opposite) Entracte: elliptical approach to the story telling/ambiguous relationships between shots/subjective shots cause confusion because they are put in between objective shots/wide variety of sound and cinematic techniques to express the subjective experiences of characters=impressionist film/soviet montage editing happening
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