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Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 7 Lecture Notes
Women's Studies 3BB3 Week 7 Lecture Notes

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McMaster University
Women’s Studies
Dr.Janice Hdlaki

WS 3BB3 Body VisualitiesBody Week 7 Transformations in Artists Short Film and VideoLecture NotesTest to be returned next weekEssay y Office Hours TSH 333 4306pm o balzersmmcmasterca thy Due on November 8 y 25 of final grade y 12 pt Times New Roman y 5 pages doublespaced strict y Critical discussionanalysis of 1 or 2 films in class focusing on representation of women y Choose the focusengage with course thematic y Refer to 2 courseware readingsyou are allowed to use outside sources as long as this requirement is met y Chicago MLA APA allowedacknowledge all sources o Include films in works cited y Grading based on o Insightfulness Develop arguments well and thoughtfully o Engagement with Course Readings o Paper Structure y This class is about critical inquiry That is its about asking and attempting to answer interesting questions raised by cultural texts Texts that raise question and think about social issues may challenge your belief systems this is part of being in a university Our inquiry is textbasedthat is this is not a class about your beliefs but about the texts that we are studyingTipsSuggestions y Choose a film or films that interest you and that generate ideas for you to produce a coherent analysis y Watch the film or films Allow yours ideas about the material to emerge from your viewing y You cannot discuss everything about the film and the representation of women You need to focus your critical discussion y Dont choose a general essay topicfocus and use the film only as illustrative to support the general focus Stay focused on the film itself and on your understanding of how the film makes y Avoid summarizingassume the readings and films have been understood by the audience y When making an argument dont just state it explain and elaborate it I might provide feedback that notes you need to elaborate your idea or discuss the implications I am Page 1 of 5
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