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Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Big Ideas in Judaism  covenant + diaspora- temple  Torah (law/tradition)- Talmud/Mishnah  chosennness  Israel as a land, people, state  mitzvah/mitzvot (613 laws)  purity laws- mikveh  roots in biblical text  contemporary Judaism= 100 BCE-100CE o consolidation of identity o 70 CE- invasion of Romans, destruction of the temple- land, ownership, diaspora  covenant- Temple as religious/cultic focus- people are no longer autonomous in their land- what is the status of the covenant?  without a Temple, people try to find another way to express belief- focus is shifted to the individual and the body  70-90 CE: Judaism is factionalized: o Christians (Jesus Followers) o Essenes- responsible for the Dead Sea Scrolls; ascetic and monastic; wrote their own versions of many Hebrew texts (fluidity of the text) o Sadducees and Pharisees- disparaged as hyperjudicial in the New Testament; in reality quite mainstream o Zealots- extremists, led to Roman military action  90 CE: Council Yanveh- sponsored by Rome- Pharisees developed "orthodox" hegemonic Judaism  Rabbinic Judaism- interpreted, consolidated, solidified, Judaism into the Middle Ages  Tanak- Hebrew Bible- Torah (first five books- Pentateuch) o Mishnah (220 CE)- regulation, laws for life including  agriculture  temple worship/sacrifice  women-
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