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Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 9.docx

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Religious Studies
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RELG 1641
Fiona Black

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Introduction to Christianity  no clear dividing line between early Christianity and Judaism  Christianity started as a sect of Judaism- conceptualized within Judaism  came into contact with Greco-Roman ideas... conflict with Jewish roots  meshiach=messiah=appointed one (Saul, King David, King Solomon... determined by priests) o takes on a future hopeful belief in a descendant of King David o contemporary Judaism sees the messiah not as a saviour, but as someone who will usher in a new age with the Jews as God's people  Christianity sees Jesus as a salvific messiah  early Christians= "Jesus movement"- early 30-50 CE o still living and thinking as Jews- identity crisis- how do they fit into Judaism o laws/land/covenant are still meaningful, but must be negotiated o conflict: still chosen people if they spread God's word to the gentiles o worship? belief? sabbath? o after Jesus death forced underground by Jewish and Roman leaders- predisposed to worship in secret o met in small groups- repeat ritualistic Eucharistic meal; baptism of followers (ritual cleansing); waiting in expectation for the Kingdom of God, Jesus' return, in stasis o began to circulate teachings and stories of Jesus- birth, passion, parables- spirit of the law vs. letter of the law o Jesus had been trying to understand Judaism in a new radical way  very little opportunity for growth- no dynamic leadership  later leadership- Paul (Saul)- hybrid position, originally worked for the government, persecuting Christians, encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus and converted- founder of Christianity o had a vision for people responding to Jesus, spreading the message to as many people as possible o conflict between Peter (Jewish "Christianity") and Paul (Gentilic "Christianity") o brought to metropolitan centers where it spread quickly o letters to small churches in different cities (Galatians, Romans)- 40s, 50s- first evidence of Christianity  no statement of belief, practice,
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