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Religion, the Body, and Sexuality 15.docx

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Mount Allison University
Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Halal and Other Body Practiceshalal dietary laws of Islam based on Kashrut of Judaismo bleed out meat before consumption no blood slaughter rules o no pork birds of pray scavenged animals insects o shellfish are allowed everything from the sea is pure o pigs dogs are detestable carry impurity o special people oversee slaughter of animals and other food production to designate them halal o concerned with whom you eat not just what you eat ideally other Muslims especially in important meals like breaking Ramadannot with people who are eating foods specifically for their religion o no alcohol selling handling giving o father eats first then children then wife o sees Jewish law as part of Gods revelationsawm fasting to refrain fromo typically during Ramadan also during special times or for blessingRamadano during the ninth month of the lunar calendar 2931 days depending on location o fast during daylight hours eat breakfast before dawn break fast with a date after
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