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Religious Studies
RELG 1641
Fiona Black

Conclusion: Religion and Violence  "fundamentalism" was coined in the early 20th century by L&M Stewart with respect to Christianity as a reaction to "higher criticism" o higher criticism: is the Bible is historically accurate? o people who adhered to fundamentals of faith:  virgin birth  scripture is inerrant  bodily resurrection  1970s, the term is applied to Islamic sects and movements within Iran- people who stuck to the fundamentals of their faith- there were to shifts in fundamentalism o to Islam o to political actions related to religious beliefs  there is no single entity of Islamic fundamentalism- tied together with the belief that Western secularism and science is evil and problematic o share beliefs with traditional Muslims- the pillars of Islam, shahadha o works on the belief that human nature is religious, atheism is evil o violence is seen as a last resort, but very effective  everyone in Islam should be involved in an inner jihad- a struggle to live one's life according to God's laws o jihad has an outer aspect- make sure that Islam is defended in the world  fundamentalism is an extreme position, as is martyrdom  Oklahoma City bombings- Timothy McVey- Christian fundamentalist- marked as a single act of terror, was not associated with Christianity as a whole o no one is looking at Christianity or Christian fundamentalism as problematic in the same way that Islam is looked at as problematic  it is not just Isla
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