RELIGST 3C03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Religious Intolerance, Islamic Fundamentalism, Ijtihad

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McMaster University, Winter 2015
“Usuli” - To be a fundamentalist
Term does not exist, idea amongst Muslim does
Usul means the fundamentals of religion
- Term imported from the West
- Difficult to use the term in Islam
- Borrowed term - Used in Protestant Christianity
- Fundamentalism in Christianity refers to conservatism, anti-modernist, liberal interpretation of
- Used in America at the time; “Going back to the Fundamentalism”
oDarwinism at the time;
oBiblical criticism
oPointing out contradiction and differences with the bible themselves.
oReason cannot comprehend certain things such as “trinity
- Christians went back to the fundamentals of religion
- No room for interpretation
- Need to deconstruct fundamentalism from its historical context of 20th century American
oRe-construct it in an Islamic context
oWhat does it mean to be an Islamic fundamentalism?
- Fundamentalism - Strategy by which believers attempt to preserve identity and values & try to
make religion as relevant today as it was in the past
oImportant: there is no concept at least in theory of secularism in Islam
oIslam is supposed to be central to Muslim’s life
oThe notion of the division of church and state that religion is a private life is evident to
oFundamentalist see that secularism is a challenge;
Secularism tries to marginalize religion; something on the margin, not central.
- Core-Idealism - once Islamic norm is applied, it will change and remove sociopolitical and moral
- Ideal is driving force for fundamentalists
oWe need to go back to the past
oRe-establish the word of God
oThis movement is a response to various forces / social / cultural
oIntroduced by outside forces (colonialism)
oA lot of movements have surfaced since the 1970s’
oMuslim Brotherhood - 1928
oColonialism had started but the brotherhood was about social reform, etc.
- Islamic fundamentalism means to return to the sacred text going back to the Quran
oA true religion / central religion
oIbn Wahhab - tried to go back to an Islam which was pure and free from the corruption of
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