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Child and Family Studies
CHFS 2216
Tom Waldock

Wednesday February 27, 2013 Early Learning in Childcare - The framework of the Convention (principles and articles specific to issues) is much different from the framework provided by Covell and Howe - If it was just a moral code it would simply be a declaration, however it is a law and the status is that it is international law - What is the process and how is it binding?: it is not binding in a hard law, but it binding as soft law as there is a formal process - We are obligated by it, we are supposed to be committed to it, we are supposed to be committed to the articles within it - The ethical and legal status - 3 core principles: article 2 (no discrimination), article 3 (best interest of the child), article 12 (participation rights) - 3 others of great significance are article 4 (to the maximum of our available resources), article 6 (promote survival and the development of the child), article 42 (we should be widely publicizing the convention) - Categories of rights: provision, protection, and participation Early Learning in Childcare - QC Martha Friendly’s articles p. 60-64 (principles and articles) Principles: - Article 2 (non-discrimination) is important to early learning in childcare because we have a federal system. There is not enough of a national focus on this because it is a provincial jurisdiction. Some jurisdictions a
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