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Lecture 3

ENGL 153 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Social Class, Spoken Word

Course Code
ENGL 153
Lisa Grekul

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September 13, 2017
Problems with what we “do”
1. What we study: the “canon”
2. Questions
a) Whose voices are not heard?
Virginia Woolf - What if Shakespeare had a sister?
Man vs. Women rights
Never as good as her brother Shakespeare
Canon excludes some individuals (gender or class struggles)
b) Which versions of history are missing?
F.R. Scotts - All the Spikes but the last
Points out no acknowledgement of Chinese railway workers
Only “big shots” make it into history
c) Which languages are absent?
English vs. english(s)
Social class
Where we live
ex. Colonization in Reverse
d) Which narrative forms are devalued?
What classifies literature?
e) Which media are excluded
Print vs. Spoken word
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