POLI 220 Lecture 19: POLI 220 - The Asian Pacific Rim

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Political Science
POLI 220
Carl Hodge

The 2014 Legatum Prosperity Index Home 14 11 07 10:45 AM llm ((hhttttpm))wwwwww..llii..ccoom The Legatum Prosperity Indexisan annual ranking,developed by theLegatum LEGATUMPROSPERITYINDEX Institute,of 142countries.TheIndexisunique in definingprosperity asa 1. 18. The Asian Pacific Rim combination of wealth and wellbeing HOME EXPLORE FEATURES() ABOUT ! JOINUS:@ProsperityIndex MAP THEDATA PRINCIPLESOFPROSPERITYFAQS (HTTPS:TWITTER.COMPROSPERITYINDEX) SHUFFLEBOARRANKINGS201PROSPERITYSINCETHEFINANMETHODOLOGY VIDEO HEADLINEFINDINGS INFOGRAPHICS ANOMALIES REGIONALFINDINGS UKSPOTLIGHT PUBLICATIONS Comparative Prosperity Map SUBINDICES PRESSCOVERAGE ! MAP SHUFFLEBOARD VIDEO 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 OVERALLRANKING ( ) * + , TheProsperity Indexranks countries accordingtotheir performanceacross eight equallyweightedsubindexes. least prosperous countries intheworld. ECONOMENOPPORTUNITYERNANEDUCATIONHEALTSAFETYSPERSONALFSOCIALCAPITAL North America, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand are the more THEPRO SPE RITYIND E X developed economies IsanationsprosperitydefinedsolelybyitsGDP?Prosperityismorethanjust theaccumulationof material wealth,it isalsothejoyof everydaylife andtheprospect of anevenbetterlifeinthefuture.Thisistrueforindividualsaswell asnations.TheProsperityIndexistheonlyglobal measurement Overall Ranking: The Prosperity Index ranks countries according to theiremost comprehensivetool of itskindandisthedefinitivemeasureof global progress. TheLegatumProsperityIndex offersauniqueinsight intohowprosperityisformingandchangingacrosstheworld. performance across eight equallyweighed subindexes. http: www.prosperity.com!?opts=map Page 1 of 3 China is increasingly a trade state, increasingly integrated into a more globalized economy. Scale and Economy From Singapore to China Singapore is a sort of Asian Switzerland Both related by their economic exchange with the rest of the world (trade) Coherence of governance government policies regulating and in some instances guiding economic development and economic prosperity th th o Singapore 18 at 5.4 millionChina 54 at 1.3 billion th o Japan 19 at 126 million
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