POLI 220 Lecture 20: POLI 220 - The Middle East

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Political Science
POLI 220
Carl Hodge

POLI 220: The Middle East Politics in a Conflict Zone Barrington, 103, 266, 12, 125126 Comparative State Failure Middle East most intensely militarized region in the world extent to which the states in the region spend a significant of the GNI on preparing for war and on artillery The Arab Spring, 2011 Afghanistan o Foreign intervention, old and new o The lack of a state o Tribal society o Taliban tyranny Iran o Eastern frontier of the middle east powerful force in the region Turkey o Ottoman Empire British and French Scant experience and selfgovernment long tradition of government exposed from afar Iraq o British imperialism o Saddam Hussein: the Baathist state o Oil wealth and middle class o Serial aggressions and debt o War, sanctions, war
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