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Applied Science
APSC 151
David Alan Hanes

APSC 151 Engineering: 1) An art 2) Use and convenience of people 3) Great sources of power in nature Lab 1: Geology and highway construction 1. Modeling of the system  Data collection and testing (site investigation) a. Phase 1 of site investigation: assessment of pre-existing data b. Phase 2 of site investigation: collecting new data 2. Modeling the proposed design solution:  use a prototype (i.e. computer models; maps; blueprints; physical models)  this iterative process of design modeling will continue until you run out of time and money Principles of Highway Design:  bottom layer (supporting structure) is called the SUBGRADE 1. Cut section:  Only if soil is suitable a flat road-bed is CUT into the ground and natural basement soil acts as the subgrade for the successive layers: 2. Fill section:  If soil is unsuitable, then a suitable material is trucked in to FILL the road area with a raised platform to act as a subgrade o In some cases, unsuitable basement soil might even be blasted and dug out before the fill soil goes on top. 3. Soils: A. Grain size B. Grain shape C. Surface texture and surface charge  There are 3 other layers placed on top of subgrade a. Select material b. Base course: require granular soil mixtures (i.e. crushed limestone) c. Weathering surface (pavement) 4. Highway Construction a. Soil conditions b. Directness of route c. Topography d. Land and urban disruption e. Environmental conditions Ea
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