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In What Style Should We Build?

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Art History
ARTH 306
Katherine Romba

ARTH306 In What Style Should We Build? February 02, 2011 February 02, 2011 ARTH 306 In What Style Should We Build? Lecture A) Choice of style a. Styles not universal – disagreements over what ones should/n’t be used b. Upper classes and patrons chose the style more then the architects delegate them c. Told public that there were links between architecture and German character d. Johann Joachim Winckelmann i. Art Historian – archaeologist – ii. Discusses arch findings from Greek lands and Roman lands in relation to the culture that produced them iii. Really raised awareness that each culture had a different style iv. View that style would reflect the customs of the ppl and the climate and topography of that place v. argued that Greek style was the perfect style – one of the best – b/c Greek civilization was so much better vi. Every style no matter the culture, has a lifespan – is born, reaches popularity, dies and is replaced e. Youthful generation of architects i. New ideas of style f. 1828 debate official begins by publishing book by heinrich hoectsh – In What Style Should we Build? i. Styles are always moving forward ii. Thought though that classical iii. Proposes something that is different slightly from just classicism – round arch style Rundbogenstil – almost neo Romanesque iv. Argued that the Romanesque style had its birth and then was truncated by the Gothic style in the middle ages – therefore thought it should return so that it could be developed v. German’s needed this style b/c it is linked to a climate, ppl, topography – logical German style vi. The climate, culture, building materials were very different from Greeks vii. Predominantly sandstone and other soft stones viii. Climate of rain ix. Germans need wider span in their buildings x. An arch style was ideal b/c could use weaker material but still span spaces
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