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BIOL 110
Gordon Dueck

Principles of Homeostasis EXCESS DEFICIENCY Change detected by β-cells in pancreas Change detected by α-cells in pancreas Increase in insulin secretion Increase in glucagon secretion - Activates enzymes converting NORM - Activates enzymes converting glucose to glycogen glycogen to glucose - Increases rate of glucose uptake Levels return to norm Levels return to norm Fluctuating External Conditions  Features that influence internal environment have a set level → norm  Any changes from the norm is called deviation  Negative feedback / caused by deviation from norm / change results in return to norm  External environment is changing → experienced by body o Homeostatic system even out variations experienced by body  Liver can store or release glucose o Blood is kept at a constant, ideal state  Glucose conc. of 80mg cm-3 o Tissue fluid surrounds working cell with constant ideal conditions  Optimum glucose for respiration Negative Feedback Tends to Restore Systems to their Original Level  Homeostasis is achieved by a negative feedback and involves o Change in level of an internal factor (change from norm level) o Detected by receptors / impulse send to hypothalamus o Activates effectors / stimulates corrective mechanism o Level of factor r
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