BIOL 243 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Statistical Population, Statistical Inference, Descriptive Statistics

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25 Aug 2016
BIOL 243
Week 1
What is Statistics?
Science of learning from data, and of measuring, controlling, and communicating uncertainty
Descriptive statistics:
Descriptions of data of your sample
oGraphs, tables… etc.
oVariation (mean, average... etc.)
Inferential statistics:
Looking at things we have not looked at, which is beyond our sample
Term Example
Observation unit: Subject you collect data about Cow
Statistical population: Group of all observational units
of interest
The population must have the potential to be
observed and measured
Entire heard of cows
Sample: random subset of the statistical population 20 Cows from the heard
Consistency: Must be consistent with;
Observation unit > sample > statistical population > question
Term Example
Measurement variables: Data collected
Take multiple measurements from each
observational unit
Describes them
A persons income, work, gender.. etc
Measurement unit: Scale of data Income in dollars
Work in hours
Descriptive statistics:
Means, median
Inter-quartile range
Inference about the population:
Scaling what we learned about our sample to the whole population
Statistical Inference:
Statement about the population based on our sample
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find more resources at
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