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Lesson 11 Altered States, The Use of Plants in Mysticism, Spirituality, and Religion, and The Biochemical Basis of Ethnobotanically Useful Plant Compounds.pdf

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Queen's University
BIOL 319
Dale Kristensen

Lecture 111 Altered States The Use of Plants in Mysticism Spiritualism and Religion Lesson ObjectivesDene the terminology and develop an understanding of the differences between mysticism spirituality and religionIdentify the various roles that plants and plant derived products play in the attainment of altered consciousness and the relevance of that state to indigenous culturesIdentify the hallucinogens used by indigenous cultures that have become incorporated into modern drug cultureMysticism knowledge or power gained through transcendent experience Information that becomes a part of the culture or individual consciousness due to dreams transrevelations prayer meditation or profound personal epiphanyMysticsoften held in high regard in a community for their perceived ability to communicate with the spirit realm and in particular for gaining foreknowledge of events that affect individuals or the communityIn modern society mysticismoften frowned upon dt our devotion to science and our need to compare everything else to scientic fact People who claim mysticismoften dismissed as mentally unstable ironic since many religionsstill prevalent and involve prophets who communicated with God or had some transcendent experiences Spirituality belief in a power greater than oneself and that there is some higher purpose and meaning to life beyond the physicalMay also include an interconnectedness between all living things Spiritual importance and belief for an individualtypically stronger in TI communitiescultures but is not completely absent from western society Western culture spiritualism tends to be more personalized individualistic and ambiguousReligion a system of attitudes beliefs and practices concerning the cause nature and purpose of the universe especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural agency or agenciesUsually involve devotional and ritual observances including a moral code of conduct governing behaviour among humanityNo single accepted denition Mostly look at indigenous cultures with ethnobotany dt nonacceptance of transcendenceuse of psychoactive drugs by modern society Why are plants connected to systems of belief and ritual Celebrations occuring at the beginning and end of plant life cyclesdt their immense importance In agrarian societies the beginning of planting and the end of crop cultivationcelebratedmarks the importance of food production to survival Elaborate rituals petitions to the gods for good weather ie historical sacrice of previous crops or lifeThanksgivingmodern version
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