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Ch14 signal transduction for veggies Information comes in many forms figure 141 Generic scheme for signal transduction Cannot have confusion did specificity of response and little ambiguity Perception by a receptor which activates a cascade of responses and intermediate pathways that bring a physiol response defence compounds gene expression synthesis of stressproteins salt heatPlants perceive external or internal signals by employing ect specialized sensor proteins termed receptors Once receptors sense their specific signal they must transduce the signal ie convert it from one form to another in order to amplify the signal and trigger the cellular responseOften by modifying the activity of other proteins andor employing intracellular signaling molecules 2ndary messengersSignalreceptor signal transduction responseKinasebased signal transduction in animals and plantsActive BSUinactive BIN2BIN2 inactive TFs stay in nucleus activeSo get BS responseBrassisoterol a mutation in this receptor causes a major physiological effectPrimary signal hormone with a receptorNeed High specificity and high affinityText Brassinosteroid receptor BRI1 brassinosteroid insensitive 1 contains a kinase domain binding of plant hormone brassinosteroid to its receptor triggers autophosphorylation and dimerization with BRI1 associated receptor kinase BAK1 in the case of plant hormone brassinosteroid binding of hormone to its receptor causes inactivation of the repressor BIN2 that normally blocks accumulation of TFs in brassinosteroid regulated gene expression TFs trigger changes in gene expressionPhysiological animal vs environmental plant signals sessile vs mobile Similar architecture but frequently have relief of repression in plant ST o This often results in activation of gene expression which underpins any subsequent plant response
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