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ionic equation

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CHEM 112
Richard Ascough

Problem: Write the net ionic equation for the reaction that occurs when aqueous solutions of magnesium sulphate (MgSO ) and4sodium oxalate (Na C O ) ar2 2ix4d. Solution: (PUT A LINE HERE) Writing Net Ionic Equations 1. Write the balanced molecular equation. 2. Write the ionic equation showing the strong electrolytes completely dissociated into cations and anions. 3. Cancel the spectator ions on both sides of the ionic equation. 4. Check that charges and number of atoms are balanced in the net ionic equation. Acid Base Reactions Acids are identified by their sour tastes, their ability to react with a variety of metals and carbonate minerals. From a chemist’s standpoint, an acid can be defined as a substance that provides hydrogen + ions (H ) in aqueous solutions. A strong acid completely ionizes in a water solution: + - HCl (aq) (H 02 H (aq)+ Cl (aq) A weak acid, on the other hand, does not go towards completion and is also a weak electrolyte. A + - example is acetic acid: HC 2 3 2 (aq) ↔ H (aq)+ C2 3 2 (aq) . Types of Acids Monoprotic Acids HCl  H + Cl : Strong electrolyte, strong acid HNO  3 + NO : Stron3 electrolyte, strong acid + - CH 3OOH ↔ H + CH COO : We3k electrolyte, weak acid Diprotic Acids H2SO4  H+ + HSO4- : Strong electrolyte, strong acid HSO ↔4H + SO + 42- : Weak electrolyte, weak acid Triprotic Acids - H 3O ↔4H+ + H PO : W2ak 4lectrolyte, weak acid H PO ↔ H+ + HPO 2- : Weak electrolyte, weak acid 2 4 4 HPO 42-↔ H + PO 43-: Weak electrolyte, weak acid Bases From a practi
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