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November 22, 2012- Athenian Theatre.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

 One of the most famous theaters in Greece is the Epidaurus Theater o 
 o Marble  Ancient theaters had no microphones.  How did the 20,000 people hear the actors? o The shape of the theater was built in a very precise way so the sound echo’s around.
  For Greeks, theater was a very important social moment.
  It was not only people on stage performing the play, there was “Machines” 
 Machines on stage:
 o Dolly used to roll the ekkykklema out through the central doors onto stage.
 o There was lifts “cranes”, used to move the actors around the stage.
  Greek Gods were not usually in the play, but sometimes they were presented at the end to solve the mystery or murder, this was one use for the crane, they lifted the Gods over the stage.
 o This crane was called the deus ex machine.
  The upper part of the scene was also used for the performance, but also stairs leading to “backstage”
  3 places where the play was going on: the stage, the upper stage, and the orchestra ( but remember only 3 actors at a time) Satyr stage  The chorus was made up of the satyrs who belong to: o Dionysos o Euripides, Cyclops o Dionysos and a Satyr  Attic cup, 490-480 BCE.
  The actors in these plays had animal like characteristics. 
  There was a mixture of tragedy and comedy, and the plot was mythological.
  Cyclops was a giant creature with only one eye in the middle of their forehead, he were also a cannibal  In the attic vase, actors were dressed up as satyrs.  475-450 BCE
  Aiskhylos, “The interior decorators” (Thalamopoioi)  Komoidia (lit. komos-singing) = comedy  
 Origins in Dorian or Sicilian farce?
 Origins in Attike?  Old comedy: 450-380 BCE
  Middle Come
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