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September 24, 2012- Sacrifices.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

Sacrifices  Sacrifice: Roast the meat and pour wine on the meat  There are representations of gods pouring a libation in honour of those who have died  Holochaust= whole burnt  type of sacrifice which happened in special cases o The whole body of the victim was burned o This happened in the instances of homicide and hero cults  Human sacrifice is mentioned in myths, but there is no historical record of it o Generally the human sacrifice is a woman o The human sacrifice was treated like an animal o Sacrifice of Iphigenia  To appease the gods he was asked to sacrifice his daughter  The goddess Arthenes decided to turn the daughter into a deer Purification  Katharna= the purified place  Exegetai= Official ministers of Apollo  A killer would have to leave the city after being convinced of his crime and would have to find a new place where he could be purified.  Purification of Orestes o He killed his mom and her lover, because they had killed his dad o He went to Delphi in order to be purified Prayers  When praying to the Olympians one would pray w
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