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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 8 Lecture Notes CLST 100 2012 Theophrastos from Eresos (4 -3 century B.C)  Inquiry into plants (for medicine)  Use of plants to feign illness Death  Epitaphioi – funeral speeches  Time – Honor; Doxa – Glory  Warriors had different funerals – if far from Athens, cremated then brought home o State festival once a year  Regular funerals – Prothesis  Dressed, placed on bed; mourned  Ekphora – body brought to cemetery or familial tombs, done when dark  Solon: Everyone the same at/for funerals th  End of 5 century B.C – steles, with figures Athenian Democracy and Imperialism  6 century B.C, Solon’s constitution based on ownership of property  Peisistratos (tyrant of Athens, father of Hippias and Hipparkhos)  Tyranny ended after Hippias’ exile (510 B.C) Kleisthenes  507 B.C – reorganization of citizenry  Administrative units called Phylai (tribes); each tribe consisted of demoi (demes) Demokratia = Democracy Isonomia = Equal right of all citizens to exercise political rights  Anyone (male) could participate, no matter social/economic status Persian debate: Democracy (otanes) vs. Oligarchy (Megabyzos) vs. Monarchy (Dareios)  Athens’ decree against tyranny: 447-336 B.C Ekklesia = Assembly Boule = Council of 500 Assembly  At Athens on Pnyx hill  Held 40 times per year Week 8 Lecture Notes CLST 100 2012  6000 persons present for legitimate policies th  Originally not paid; paid by end of 5 century B.C  Lead tokens given at start, returned at end  Received 3 oboles (fraction of drachma) Epistates = Chairman of the Boule (presided over assembly meeting) Proedroi = presided over council & assembly Prutaneis 50 members of Boule (living in Tholos) in charge 35/36 days, 24 hours/day Nomoi = Laws Nomothetai = Lawmakers (after 403 B.C)  Males aged 20+ could attend assembly (18/19 had mandatory military training)  Frequent speakers – if thought to have too much power/visibility, ostracized  Not allowed to propose matter during assembly; had to ask beforehand Bouletai = Councilors Solon’s Property Groups  Pentakosiomedimnoi  Hippeis  Zeugitai  Thetes  Until 458-457 arkhontes were chosen from first two groups th  In
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