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Lecture 2

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Classical Studies
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Christina Zaccagnino

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Aeneas: Trojan hero, son of prince Anchises and Aphrodite, who wandered world after the sack of Troy, before settling in central Italy to found the community where Remus and Romulus were later born  Latinus, king of the Latins had his daughter promised to another king, but received prophecy that she would be betrothed to one from another land - Aeneas, so he heeded to it and Aeneas marries Lavinia, so the king declares war on Aeneas, but Aeneas wins the war  founds the city of Lavinium, named after his wife  he became a god after death, leaving Ascanius, now called Julius, as his successor, and he founds Alba Longa  Why Alba Longa? Aeneas made a sacrifice to thank the gods for reaching place safely and during this, they saw a white sow, nursing 30 newborn piglets; alba: white in Latin, founded 30 years after the story  in the 4th century, there was a large cult to Aeneas at the centre of Lavinium  myth of Aeneas widely used to trace Augustus back to Aeneas Gens (clan) Iulia: claimed to have descended from Aeneas, most famous members of gens:  Caius Julius Caesar  Caius Octavius: later C. Julius Caesar Octavianus after adopted by Julius Caesar  Augustus: first emperor of Rome Seven Kings (753-510/09 BCE):  Romulus  Numa Pompilius: established many aspects of Roman religion (hint of Ath. reformer Solon)  Tallus Hostilius  Ancus Marcius  Tarquinius Priscus: associated with major building works in Rome  Servius Tullis: reorganized the citizen body  Tarquinius Superbus (the arrogant)  clear Etruscan influence and power over Rome at the beginning of their history, many names were of Etruscan origin  monarchy abolished same year that Athens had tyrants exiled and developed democracy Naming: Marcus Tullis  Marcus: praenomen personal name Tullius: nomen name of gens  one member of gens recognized as the head of the clan, friendship and to have alliances to other clans was al
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