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Lecture 5

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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

 language similar to Latin and Italian- Neo-Latin languages: French, Spanish  end 4th century AD, a need to split the empire, 476 AD, Fall of the Roman Western Empire  West: no longer most important empire, lost its power  very difficult period, b/c many people, Barbarians, made invasions, some reached Rome  Augustus Romulus - last empire, full circle or whatever Government of Rome  very different than that of Athen's government, Greek were surprised by Roman Government as to how it worked, 3 different kinds of government aspects while drawing up constitution  Polybius, deported to Rome, was a general and respectable, was tutor for sons of aristocrat, extremely interested in Rome and Roman history  imperium, from imperare- to order, res: activity of the Roman people  Auspicium: act of consulting the gods/divination, gods weren't happy with election of magistrates  what was considered a message  in ancient Greece, some phenomena like ex. thunderbolt during a public event, would be considered that Jupiter (Zeus) was against what was happening. There were episodes when they tried to stop the election something phenomena showing that Caesar wouldn't be elected, but in that case, he wasn't heard and caesar was elected  in order to understand how this link between offices and religion was so strong, we can understand looking at a special award, which was given to successful generals in wars, general had to be victorious, not just in a small battle, especially we know from the first century BC, he had to kill at least 5000 enemies to have prisoners, spoils from the war  Triumphus - triumph, prize awared to a successful Roman general  originally Greek word, adopted by Etruscans then by Romans  Jupite
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