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CLST; October 4, 2011 Honour and Shame, Olympics.docx

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

CLST Tues. Oct 4, 2011 Mutilation of Herms • Shocked Athenians • Isokrates • Intent to avoid be general of expedition to Cecily? • Important to Greeks to respect images of gods regardless of their feelings towards them • Last passage of Chapter 3 p.126, very important to understand their relationship with gods • Importance to keep institutions for forefathers • To respect rituals as in the past • Agon= competition, friends vs. enemies • Had to compete in religious festivals, tragedies • Sports were v. important in boys’ education Honour and Shame • Material gifts • Honour or public acclaim • Reciprocated awards • Olympics • Reciprocal award: between friends and competitor on same side • Well presented in Homer: book 12 of Iliad: 2 heroes, Lykians, fighting Trojans, talking to each other, talking about why they are so honoured in fatherland. V. brave warriors, wanted to fight on front lines, not at back • Homer Illiad book 9: Achilles very upset Agememnon, after the death of ____, Agamemnon tried to get him to fight through gifts to show his honour • Aias: 2 after Achilles. Brave, tall, strong warrior, also Trojans were afraid of fighting against him. Disrespectful acts done upon corpse of Achilles • Aias carrying corpse of Achilles • Odysseus and Aias want
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