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Classical Studies
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CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

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Week 13 Lec 1 Jan 7 2013 January-08-13 8:53 AM Roman citizenship  Who was Roman?  Citizenship given to people who liven in Italy  Possible for a slave to gain citizenship o Paid for freedom Geography  Roan by birth important for an ancient settlement to be in an area that is easily defendable, provides life, and agriculture o For Rome it was also important to stay close to the coast  Adriatic sea, Ionian sea, Tyrian sea all surround Italy  Temperate climate considered important by Vitruvius  Romans spoke Latin the Etruscans spoke a different language  Etruscan language does not need to be decifered  Location of Rome good because of hills=easy to defend o Where bridge is easiest to cross river o Roads to get salt from the mouth of the Tiber o Harbour  Most knowledge of early Rome comes from archaeology o No written text o Small groups living on hills o At some point only one acropolis serving bigger group, meaning people forming larger groups Creation Myth  Main characters romulus and Remus  Raised and suckled by the Capitoline she-wolf  Amulius, king of Alba Longa-
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