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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 13 lec 2 Jan 8 January-09-13 7:08 PM Myth of foundation  Myth of foundation different from Greek world o Founder violent o 1st inhabitants exiled from native lads o 1t women raped and kidnapped The Greek background  Romans felt a need to have a Greek background in order to have a slightly more noble past  Herakles= Hercules, worshiped at the great alter (ara maxima)  Need for a Greek hero in order to connect them to ancient Greece but still to Romulus and Remus  Aeneas, Trojan who fought at troy o More then 400 year between fall of Troy and beginning of Rome o Escaped from troy with his son and by carrying his father on his back  Therefore considered pious because he saved his weak father o There are many sources of the Aeneas saga  Livy is the most important roman historian  Aeneas fights with the native people ( aborigines) after he is betrothed to Lavinia, a local princess, daughter of the king Latinus, previously betrothed to a local prince  Aeneas dies and becomes a god  Leaves Ascanius (his son), now call Julus as his successor  Julus founds Alba Longa (rhea silvia)  By 4th C. BCE cult to Aeneas at Lavium  Why did Julus found Alba Longa o When Aeneas first went to build city wanted to sacrifice a white sow o Sow ran away and Aeneas and his son followed, saw sow give birth to 30 piglets o Son wanted to build ci
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