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Week 15 Lec 2

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Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

Week 15 Lec 2 Jan 22 February0513 618 PMFloraliao In honour of Flora goddess of flowerso April 28 may 8 Stabiae close to pompeii Aedilis had power to organise moneyo Important office because your ability toorganize games and give entertainment to the people of Rome When caesar was aedile he used office to promote him selfo Hired lots of gladiators for gameso Seen as a private army concerning Censorso 1st appointed in 443 BCE had generally reached consulship alreadyo Job to register people and propertytwo of themo Finished office when job was completed usually 5 years lustumA spiritual sacrifice done after service Sacrificed three animals a bull a sheep and a pigo At end of the 1 C office limited to 18 monthso Censors wore toga praetextao Sat on sella curulliso Held auspiciao Supervised the morals of the communityo Re
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