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CLST 129
Aoife Foley

Archaeology November 9, 2012 Bronze Age Architecture - Megaron house, early Helladic on the main land - Most places are made of clay - Early bronze age had no palaces - Houses are often rectangular - Megaron is a typical house on the main land - Megaron is a three room structure - Has a porch and a doorway leading to a large front room and a small back room - There is only one doorway - Stone foundations and then mud/brick walls - All furniture was made of wood - Lots of pottery is found in these houses - There is usually a column in the middle to help support the roof Lerna - On the gulf coast - Near Mycenae - Excavated a small town that lasted quite a long time - Large fortification walls - House of the tiles was a large house in the middle of the town dug in the 50’s - Built a roof over it to preserve it - The highest standing walls are 3 or 4 feet with plaster coating - It’s called the house of the tiles because the roof had collapsed and the tiles were found all over the ground - It had at least two floors - They called it a corridor house because of all the corridors - There are a lot of rooms and is much larger than most homes, it also has many doors on each side of the home - There was a very elaborate fortification wall around the town, it was a double row of walls and guard towers - Could have been a communal gathering place - Could have been a palace - It could have been a religious center - They found a large hoard of seals to stamp goods - The entire place was destroyed around the same time there was destruction afterward - They never rebuilt the house of the tiles bu
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