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Classical Studies
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Margaret Erskine

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CLST201 – Lecture 1 – Introduction to Roman History Jan. 7 , 2013 Why study Roman history? - From 59 BC to 17 AD Livy wrote a book on Roman History; the book covered Rome’s founding in 753 BC right up to his own death - LIVY was seen as one of the most significant writers of Roman History - He lived in the GOLDEN AGE OF ROME - He believes that Rome is the greatest civilization in history - This is the time of Caesar and Augustus - The study of history is beneficial and profitable for the following reasons: o You behold the lessons of every historical event as clearly as if they were displayed on a stone monument. o For these you may choose for yourself and your own community what to imitate. o You can decide what to avoid as shameful in cause or result. o No state was ever greater than Rome. None was more pious, or richer in fine examples. There has been no state where greed and luxury entered so late in its development or where thrift and a moral standard of living were given so much respect Introduction to Rome - At its height, the Roman empire stretched as far as Britain in the north, Spain to the west, Egypt to the south, and the Euphrates river to the east - The Egyptians, the Phoenicians and th
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