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Lecture 10

Clst 340 lecture 10

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CLST 340

Clst 340 Lecture 10  Flaminius o Censor in 260  Built Via flaminia at this time  Loss at Canae o Allies questioned dedication to Rome  Capua o Forms alliance with Hannibal (216)  Romans set up bases on the Adriatic o Too close to Macedonia  Macedonia joins alliance with Hannibal  Wanted to retake Adriatic coast o Romans try to turn Macedonian allies against them.  War fought by proxies o After King Hiero dies, Syracuse joins Hannibal in 250  Rome returns to Fabius Maximus’ method of engagement  Hannibal’s advisors tell him he can attack Rome but he doesn’t want to risk it. o Hannibal takes Tarentum in 213  Disliked by citizens  Citadel held by Roman garrison for 3 years  Scipio brothers are keeping Hasdrubal in Spain.  Hannibal at the Gates : observing Rome from outside  Hannibal can’t hold posts  Rome decides to take one at a time  They start with Syracuse o Impressive walls o Marcellus and Maximus consuls  Archimedes is Syracuse’s secret weapon  Inventor, scientist, etc o Gold crown in water  Used missile type weapons  Archimedes claw – weight with a hook mounted on walls. o Hooked ships and raised them before dropping them.  Try to win over/ defeat allies of Syracuse  Festival distracted people on one side  Romans took the other  People panicked and lost o Marcellus as king as possible, only took statues. o 211 – recapture of Capua  Capua had voluntarily joined Rome initially  Those who didn’t kill themselves were beheaded o Unless proof was shown they were against Carthage.  Woman got very rich o 209 – recapture of Tarentum  Hannibal wanted to help but couldn’t  Most people sold into slavery  Fabius left the Tarentines with their angry gods (Spartans) o Policy of non-engaging is proving successful o Marcellus’ family become patrons of Sicily for his kind treatment. o GN and P Cornelius Scipio  P almost killed at battle of Ticinus  Saved by Son (Africanus)  Goes back to Spain to meet up with GN  Brothers recapture Saguntum  Very important in Spain  Both brothers died within a month in either 212 or 211 o Hasdrubal  Hesitated marching to Italy  Roman army was without leadership o P. Cornelius Scipio (the son) puts his name forward  Had never held office with Imperium  25 years old  Troops devoted to him  They would give him imperium of propraetor without ever having been praetor  Knew Spanish weapons and tactics well  Adopted the Gladius  Began using the Maniple o Handful of men o 200 men who could split up o Used more often  Targets Carthago Nov
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