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CLST 100 Lecture Notes - Strategos, Peltast, Battle Of Gaugamela

Classical Studies
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CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

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By 373 suntaxeis (levying contributions)
Revolt of Keos mid-360s
357/6 BCE Social War or War of the Allies
338 BCE Athenian Confederacy ends
331 BCE Alexander the Great defeats Dareois at Gaugamela
Athens at War
Divination before battle
o Warriors would examine livers
Ta sphagia blood-sacrifice
Ravaging and Plundering
Army was managed by the polemarchos and the 10 strategoi
From 370s at latest citizens received military training during their service as
epheboi (ephebes) from age 18 to 20
Kosmetai to maintain order
Sophronistai to instil selph control
Hoplitai hoplites
o Introduced in c. 700 BCE
Psiloi light-armed
Hippeis Cavalry