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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 anything key form class

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ENGL 292
Nadine Gingrich

ENGL 292Lecture 2Sept 1610Lecture 2Were talking about language because we take it for grantedWe treat it like the air we breathAs students of rhetoric it is important that we start off with a really good base and understanding of our languageLanguage shapes our reality It is our source of knowledge on many thingsWe are going to start off by playing with language oNews paper headlinesoRiddlesoWords refuse to hold still How can wicked mean good oWe drive on a parkway and walk on a drivewayLets look at some words with double meaningsoThe soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desertoShe picked up her fiddle and bow and took a bow as she did so the bowfell out of her hair and fell over the bow of the ship as the dog said Bowwow Euphemisms softening oDeath Passed away gone to heaven not with us any more in a better place passedDysphemisms treat a taboo subject lightly and with no respectoDeath kicked the bucket crocked 6 feet under Sometimes there isnt a word for what were talking about
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